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Get Energy Cost Solutions in Southern Alberta

Are you worried about rising energy expenses, or are you taxed heavily on energy consumption? There are smart alternatives to reduce your bills without compromising on your needs. At CL Plumbing & Heating, energy efficiency is at the core of everything we do. We are proud to be a leading provider of end-to-end energy cost solutions in Lethbridge and surrounding areas - all of Southern Alberta. Our team custom-develops energy retrofit programs to improve the energy efficiency of old and new buildings.

We also help commercial and industrial facilities, mid/high-end homes, and large heritage homes become energy efficient. You can trust us to bring old buildings up to date with energy efficiency solutions so that they do more with less energy and don’t cause significant environmental damage. Partner with us to adopt modern systems that prolong the life of your older properties and reduce maintenance costs.

Concept of energy efficiency

Aspire to Achieve Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

By modernizing your systems and equipment with our sustainability solutions, you can reduce your energy usage, operating cost, and carbon emissions while enhancing the comfort of your indoor environments.

With an integrated and green approach to energy efficiency, our job can involve upgrading existing systems, replacing obsolete or outdated equipment, and making upgrades that increase your facility's overall value and energy efficiency. Our retrofit projects are composed of different components focused on improving efficiency and sustainability in every area and aspect of your property.

Energy Audit and Efficiency Retrofit Plan

Every retrofit project at CL Plumbing & Heating begins with a thorough energy audit. The goal is to determine the right upgrades and retrofits required to help your property meet present-day sustainability and efficiency standards. The audit involves a series of inspections, like window air leakage analysis, that lays the foundation for developing a well-rounded efficiency retrofit plan for your property.

Every efficiency retrofit plan is first worked upon in our design software and is implemented only after your approval. We will recommend a series of replacements, upgrades, and retrofits to elevate the energy efficiency of your HVAC systems, plumbing, and the entire building envelope.

Each efficiency retrofit plan is building-specific, but some common techniques used in most projects include:

  • Control modification and modernization to ensure efficient use of heating and cooling systems.

  • Identifying areas of heat loss, especially due to improper installation or outdated equipment, and correcting the situation through quality equipment replacements or customized installations.

  • Equipping old or new homes and commercial/agricultural buildings with solar systems to help them produce their own green energy and reduce electricity costs.

Our Edge

We enable healthier, more productive, and energy-efficient homes, farms and workspaces. 

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Reduce energy bills

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Increase efficiency

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Increase comfort

Why Choose Us?

Trust CL Plumbing & Heating for reliable plumbing and HVAC services as well as energy-saving upgrades and retrofits in Southern Alberta.

Bonded and Insured

We are a licensed, bonded and insured company working with the commitment to treating our customers with utmost honesty and respect.

Servicing All Makes and Models

From old and outmoded systems to high-end equipment, trust our technicians to work with them all.

At Home Consultations

We bring our expertise to your doorstep. Take advantage of our at-home consultation to discuss your needs.

Easy Financing

Don’t want to pay upfront? Finance it instead. Explore easy financing options for your next service visit by CL Plumbing & Heating.

Excellent Warranty

We stand behind what we do and provide a 100% manufacturer warranty to cover any defects in materials and workmanship.


Upgrade to a Sustainable Future

Let us help you optimize and modernize your property for reduced utility bills and more comfort.

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