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Air Conditioner mini split system next to home with brick wall

Go Ductless and Save with Ductless Mini-splits in Southern Alberta

Central air conditioning requires ductwork to carry cool air to all areas of your property, making it unfit for old homes and properties that lack the space for ductwork. Luckily, you don’t need full-sized air ducts for ductless mini-splits in Lethbridge and surrounding areas - all of Southern Alberta. Ductless mini-splits heating and cooling units are more flexible and popular solutions for small spaces like attic rooms, sunrooms, or any specific areas of your home or office.

If you want to control the temperature in individual spaces better or reduce energy costs, CL Plumbing & Heating recommends ductless mini-splits heating and cooling units. We also provide professional installation, repair, and maintenance services. Schedule your at-home consultation to explore quality HVAC solutions for your property. 

Air Conditioner mini split system next to home with brick wall

What Are Ductless Mini-splits? 

A typical AC unit generates cool air in one place and uses ductwork to distribute that air to all areas of your property. In a ductless mini-split system, you can put individual fan and evaporator units in a single or multiple rooms where you want cooling.

As a result, you can better control the temperature and set it to your preference in each room, as well as avoid energy losses in the ductwork. A central air conditioning unit maintains the right indoor temperature of each room, whether or not it is occupied. Going ductless enables you to monitor your energy use and turn off cooling for rooms that are not in use. 

The room-by-room control makes your home more energy-efficient - better than any other modern upgrade. Our team can design dual-zone mini-splits and tri-zone mini-splits so that you can control multiple areas of your property.

Explore Ductless Air Conditioners

If you want to supply warm or cool air in difficult-to-condition areas of your home or office, CL Plumbing & Heating can help you with personalized ductless mini-splits heating and cooling units. A ductless system works great for any space, including rooms over garages, porches or basements.

The installation of a ductless unit requires drilling a hole into the wall as there aren’t any ducts. You can trust our technicians to do a meticulous installation following a thorough cleanup. A system inspection follows every installation to ensure smooth functioning and a system overview session with clients to help them understand how to use it.

Why Choose Us?

Trust CL Plumbing & Heating for reliable plumbing and HVAC services as well as energy-saving upgrades and retrofits in Southern Alberta.

Bonded and Insured

We are a licensed, bonded and insured company working with the commitment to treating our customers with utmost honesty and respect.

Servicing All Makes and Models

From old and outmoded systems to high-end equipment, trust our technicians to work with them all.

At Home Consultations

We bring our expertise to your doorstep. Take advantage of our at-home consultation to discuss your needs.

Easy Financing

Don’t want to pay upfront? Finance it instead. Explore easy financing options for your next service visit by CL Plumbing & Heating.

Excellent Warranty

We stand behind what we do and provide a 100% manufacturer warranty to cover any defects in materials and workmanship.


An Energy-efficient Upgrade

Control the temperature in every area of your and prevent excess energy usage with ductless AC units.

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